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iFace Shockproof Case for iPhone 13 /13 Pro Max /13 Pro/13 mini Black

SKU 662225464656


The case has been designed to withstand shock generated when the phone is dropped on a concrete floor. The iFace case has been designed with extra urethane at both the top and the bottom of the case. This changes the center of gravity of the case, so if you accidentally drop your phone it has a much higher chance of landing on either the top or bottom of the case, instead of face down which often shatters the screen.



  • STYLISH DESIGN: Smooth and sophisticated streamline design gives the phone a unique new look.
  • URETHANE MATERIAL: The outside of the case is made from urethane material which is known for its outstanding durability and restoration features.
  • AIR CUSHION PROTECTION: The new Air Cushion Technology reduces the thickness of the case while providing optimal protection for your Phone.
  • ALL-AROUND PROTECTION: It completely covers the body of the phone and maintains a slim profile, covering the back and corners of the phone.


    For the model:

    • iPhone 13 (6.1)
    • iPhone 13 mini (5.4)
    • iPhone 13 Pro (6.1)
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7)

    Please note that although iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are both 6.1 inches size, they use different cases (camera different size).