Thinking about investing in a Waterproof case? Check out this review for Lifproof Fre Case.

Thinking about investing in a Waterproof case? Check out this review for Lifproof Fre Case.

Lifeproof is Probably the best known brand in waterproof cases. Over the years, Lifeproof have come up with multiple series, such as Fre, nuud, Next, and Slam Cases. But Lifeproof Fre has always been the bread of butter of the Lifeproof line up. I like the slogan of the company--Let's Go.

We will have a look at the Fre case in this review.

First, let's start with a couple of sample pictures.

This Black and Lime colors is becoming the most popular color selection of the Fre. The fact that Lifeproof stop making completely black cases is a bit disappointing for a lot of people. But A two tone design dose add more sportiness.

Over the years, Lifeproof have introduced lots of wired names for its color line up. For example this blue color in Lifeproof's dictionary is called" boosted". Imagine you walk into a shop and ask staff member if they have a "boosted". They probably will get baffled as much as you.

Now let's talk about functionality and reliability. Personally, I have used a couple of Lifeproof cases my self. That includes the Fre, Nuud and Next Case. To be able to make sure that your device is 100% protected against water, you have to test the case before actually use it. Below shows a sticker that comes in with every Lifeproof Fre.

I know probably majority of customers will just buy this case to have a peace of mind, but if you do plan to use it in water, make sure you test it beforehand.

In terms of buying the case, the price is actually pretty high, for example, a iPhone Xs Fre should set you back close to $100. But there are a lot of fake ones out there that cost much less, but be aware that the functionality is also compromised when a copy case is used.

Personally, I would definitely recommending getting this case through a reputable seller. After all, nowadays, an broken iPhone X will easily cost you a couple of hundred dollars and if it is beyond repair, a popular iPhone XS MAX 256GB will set you back for another $2000.

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