Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Proetective Standing Cover Review

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Proetective Standing Cover Review

For the last 6 months, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has been my daily driver and accompanied by an Official Samsung Protective Standing Cover. As a matter of fact, I have been using the same cover with Galaxy Note 9 as well.

To my opinion, the Samsung Protective Standing Cover is probably the best among all back cases in terms of functionality. Especially for heavy users who tend to watch lots of Youtube Videos on it. Its standing function is not only unique but also so easy to use that it may potentially change the way you use your Galaxy Note 10+.

The built quality of the case is top-notch. I tend to be very rough on my mobile phones but after 6 months of use, it looks almost as new except some major scratches on the standing legs. If you do not look closely, probably won't be able to notice anyway.

In terms of drop protection, I did have dropped a couple of times, sometimes face down with a big bang, but until now, luckily, the screen of the phone is still intact. But make sure you use a screen protector for the front screen, I noticed a couple of deep scratches on my screen as I have nothing covering the front. But the lip of the case is relatively high enough to shield the screen from touching the ground on the flat drop. Also, the camera lenses are well protected, no need to worry about scratching it when you move it on the ground.

Wireless charging has been working perfectly on the Samsung official Duo wireless charger, but with some aftermarket third-party wireless chargers, you will need to remove the case to let it pick up the charger, I believe that is mainly due to the power output and quality of the wireless charger. The case itself is definitely wireless charging compatible.

The buttons are very responsive and all cut-outs are also the most accurate that I have ever seen on a case. Well, it is what you should expect from an official case supplied by Samsung.

The overall hold and feel of the phone with the case are very grippy due to its newly updated pattern on the sides, and I feel the case definitely became a lot slimmer than Note 9's version. So if you already have a Note 9 Protective Standing Case, take the thickness into consideration. Also, same as the S10 series case, this Protective Standing Case has again 2 legs, one regular and one shorter. They give you the options to choose 2 viewing angles when you use it in landscape mode. But I found the portrait mode is only usable with the regular length leg.

The only complain that I have and suggestion for Samsung is that the legs do come out when there is excessive pressure. The design is very smart and you can easily put the leg back on. But I did end up purchasing a new case for my Note 9 when I lost the standing leg on an aeroplane while asleep. The mechanism of the standing leg is very smart, it feels like there is spring somewhere when you open and close, but obviously there is none. And dont worry about damaging the case when you take off the standing leg and put it back on, based on my experience, they feel exactly the same afterwards.

The only caution with it is not to lose it.

Will I choose the Samsung Protective Standing Case again? The answer is absolute yes! For me, it is protective enough, good looking and functional with those stands which are a pretty unique feature in the market.

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