How to use FM transmitters correctly?

How to use FM transmitters correctly?

What is an FM transmitter?

Lots of customers have a hard time differentiate Bluetooth and a FM transmitter, due to the fact that most FM transmitters comes with Bluetooth connectivity these days.

Long story short, the whole point of having a FM transmitter is to make your phone a radio station, and start listen to that station using your car FM radio. Whether it is Bluetooth doesn't really matter.

Popular design of a FM transmitter

How to connect?

Basically, we need to establish two connections. First connection is between your mobile device and the FM transmitter. This part can be achieved by connecting via Bluetooth if supported or connecting via a AUX cable. Second connection is between the transmitter and the car. This part is done by tune the car radio to the right channel which is shown on the digital display on the FM transmitter. Sometimes the result turns out to be a little bit noisy, all we need to do is to adjust the FM numbers on the transmitter and then match it again on the car FM radio. Repeat until satisfying result achieved.

What to consider when purchasing a FM transmitter?

First, customers tend to overlook the fact that to be able to integrate mobile phone and car speaker, they have to stay on the same FM channel.

Second, market is saturated with all kinds of similar products, but not all of them have good quality. So make sure that you choose a reputable brand or pick up one recommended by friends or trusted sellers.

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