Baseus Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone Samsung Airpods [15W Ultra Thin Compact Best Value]

Baseus Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone Samsung Airpods [15W Ultra Thin Compact Best Value]

In this video, I am about to show you how it looks like, what is in the box, and how well does it work and eventually I will give you my thoughts about this wireless charger, and whether I recommend it.

First of all, let’s have a look at what is in the box. The jelly wireless charger’s packaging is very different from what Basus normally has. But it is a Baseus product, let’s just hope the quality will not change this time. Anyway, what’s in the box? It is actually super simple, Basically, nothing but the wireless charger, of course, the with the regular manual and instructions not that we will need them.

The unit itself does look very different from a regular wireless charger, It is very slim and lightweight, the half clear surface actually feels a bit soft touching, not as slippery as it looks like, we definitely won't need to worry about it scratching the phone or letting the phone moving too easily.

So How does it work? Well, to be honest, my expectations kind of lowered when I saw the packaging, but it did surprise me when I tested with my iPhone, I paired it with my Belkin 10w wall adapter and it works perfectly. Took less than 60 minutes to charge my iPhone XR from around 55% to 90%. Not bad for a tiny wireless charger this size. Remember I am using a 10W wall adapter for it, I assume when I use a 15W adapter it should be able to deliver a faster charging experience, for now, I am happy with it. It is also very responsive when you drop your phone on there. I almost got it to charge my iPhone without adjusting the position every time. Because it did not come with a wall adapter, and it is 15Watts, so I was wondering will it work with a computer USB port? So I connected it with my surface pro 7’s USB c port and even with a USB hub in between, it worked perfectly.

The clear top is actually removable, but I did also find a sticker on the back of the wireless charger saying it is not recommended to remove the jelly top. Nothing to worry about there It is very easy to put it back on, no different from how you fit a phone case.

Overall, it is a really simple experience with this Baseus jelly wireless charger.

I would definitely recommend it to people who are on a budget, do not want to spend a lot of money or people who have just get rid of their iPhone 6 or 7 and are just testing the water with wireless charging with their new iPhone. I know I tried with my iPhone but it does work any phone that supports Qi wireless charging. From where I can see it, It works really well, even though it may be not as nice as a $100 alternative, but it is definitely worth the $30 bucks that you can find it for. On top of that, I really love it being super compact and portable. And the quality from the brand Baseus, normally are really good too, I do feel pretty confident to recommend it to my friends.

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