Baseus Bluetooth FM Transmitter S-09A Review | How to set up | How to change language

Baseus Bluetooth FM Transmitter S-09A Review | How to set up | How to change language

The baseus S-09A bluetooth fm transmitter unboxing and demonstration

Check out this video that we have made specifically for this model:


 I am going to unbox the Baseus Bluetooth FM transmitter, show you how to connect, how to use and change the default language.

The Baseus S-09 FM Bluetooth transmitter is perfect for someone who need to add Bluetooth connectivity to their car, and listen to your favourite music or youtube tracks when you drive. It also supports calling. It is also equipped with micro SD card reader, USB charger and USB memory card reader for your convenience.

The connect the Baseus S-09A Bluetooth transmitter to your car for the first time, first plug it in, turn the car batter on, the screen will show 87.5, with a led light blinking on the side, this means the device is waiting for Bluetooth connection from your phone, simply connected it like any other Bluetooth device to your phone. Now, you need to adjust the frequency to use for streaming music, I recommend you to first play something from your phone and then set your car’s FM channel to 87.5 to match the transmitter’s channel. Then you should be able to hear your music playing already, to get the best sound quality, you may need to set a channel that works best for you. Hold the mid-button for 2 seconds and the LED screen will start to blink, this means now you can change the frequency by simply pressing left or right button on the body of the transmitter. Find your perfect frequency and adjust your car FM radio accordingly.

To change the language, you simply need to do the following. Within 5 seconds of it powering on, hold the mid-button for 5 seconds.

In summary, we have tested the Baseus S-09A transmitter extensively and it is safe to say it is a great budget option for people who want to play music and make phone calls handsfree in their cars.

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