How to tell the exact model of my iPad? 2 Simple Steps to follow, can't be wrong.

How to tell the exact model of my iPad? 2 Simple Steps to follow, can't be wrong.

It has been 12 years since Steve Jobs changed the world by annoucing the first generation iPad in 2010. Since then there are so many iPad models, and some of them even look the same.

So how do you tell which iPad exactly that you have?

Whether you are purchasing a 2nd hand model from someone and want to price it, or if you are looking for a case for it, knowing the correct model will potentially save you a lot of time and money.

First, let's pull a full list of all the iPads since 2010:

iPad Pro 5th Generation 12.9 inch 2021

iPad Pro 5th Generation 11 inch 2021

iPad Pro 4th Generation 12.9 inch 2020

iPad Pro 4th Generation 11 inch 2020

iPad Pro 3rd Generation 12.9 inch 2018

iPad Pro 3rd Generation 11 inch 2018

iPad Pro 2nd Generation 12.9 inch 2017

iPad Pro 2nd Generation 10.5 inch 2017

iPad Pro 1st Generation 9.7 inch 2016

iPad Pro 1st Generation 12.9 inch 2015

iPad 9th Generation 10.2 inch 2021

iPad 8th Generation 10.2 inch 2020

iPad 7th Generation 10.2 inch 2019

iPad 6th Generation 9.7 inch 2018

iPad 5th Generation 9.7 inch 2017

iPad 4th Generation 9.7 inch 2012

iPad 3rd Generation 9.7 inch 2012

iPad 2nd Generation 9.7 inch 2011

iPad 1st Generation 9.7 inch 2010

iPad Air 5th Generation 10.9 inch 2022

iPad Air 4th Generation 10.9 inch 2020

iPad Air 3rd Generation 10.5 inch 2019

iPad Air 2nd Generation 9.7 inch 2014

iPad Air 1st Generation 9.7 inch 2013

iPad mini 6th Generation 8.3 inch 2021

iPad mini 5th Generation 7.9 inch 2019

iPad mini 4th Generation 7.9 inch 2015

iPad mini 3rd Generation 7.9 inch 2014

iPad mini 2nd Generation 7.9 inch 2013

iPad mini 1st Generation 7.9 inch 2012


As we can see, there are 30 different iPads listed, without yet considering it storage capacity variants and whether it is a WIFI only model or Cellular model. But for the purpose of choosing the correct size, such as a case, these information is practical.


Now that we have all the possible models listed, how do you know which one is your iPad?

First method would be matching the facts you know about your iPad to the chart above. For example, if you know for a fact that your iPad is one of the Air models, and it has no home button, then it must be one of the latest 4th or 5th model. And you can stop there, because they use the same case anyway. The seller would have listed the models togather.

But if you are buying or selling an iPad second hand, then it is better to know exactly which model it is, because that would have an impact on the price you pay or get.

So it comes the second method: to look up the model number in Settings.

Go to Settings - General on your iPad

And you should be able to see the "Model Name" or "Model Number"


Normally the "Model Name" should have already tell you what model is your iPad, but if not, then you can perform the ultimate step, which is to copy the "Model Number" and Google it. And then it comes the moment of truth.

There you have it, that is a full list of all the iPad models since 2010, their series name, screen size and releasing years.

To tell exactly which iPad you have in front of you, follow the 2 steps above.

1. Go to Settings, then go to General

2. See the "Model Name" displayed

3. If not enough infomation, then copy the "Model Number" and search it on Google



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