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PopWallet+ - Black Black

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SKU 842978158075

This PopGrip is swappable so you can close it flat press down and twist 90 Degree to remove the top. Then you can swap in a new PopTop or do a little wireless charging. Or just click it in and out again and again to give your fidgety hands something to do. Offers a sleek and secure way to carry your cards on your phone. The PopWallet and PopGrip are now integrated! Swappable design lets you change your style through quick removal of the PopTop. Integrated PopGrip offers secure handle so you can text with one hand snap better photos and watch dog videos hands-free. Can hold up to 3 credit cards or 6 business cards depending on the card thickness. Works best with rounded corner business cards. Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases (but may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases).