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InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Screen ProtectorFor Galaxy S20 Soft Rubber Protection

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Protect your screen from impact, scratches and bacteria! This incredibly tough protection has 100% clarity and an anti-microbial treatment that kills 99.99% of surface bacteria. The glass-like surface of Ultra Clear+ preserves the sharp, vibrant optics of the most advanced smartphone displays. Ultra Clear+ fits flat or curved screens, and it preserves your screen’s touch sensitivity, so it responds to every tap and swipe.

Key Features

Shatter protection
Ultra Clear+ provides edge-to-edge impact and shatter protection

Anti-bacterial treatment
Anti-bacterial properties kill 99.99% of surface bacteria and inhibit the growth of algae, mold, and mildew

Self-healing nano-memory technology
Ultra Clear+ has scientifically formulated smart molecules to heal minor scratches and dings

Touch-sensitive, glass-like surface
The high gloss finish feels like your smartphone’s own screen, and it responds to every tap and swipe

Compatible with 3D sonic sensor 
Ultra Clear+ won’t interfere with Samsung’s in-display fingerprint reader

Easy application
EZ Apply tabs and a patent-pending installation process make applying your Ultra Clear+ screen protector simple and accurate


  • Shatter protection
  • Self-healing nano-memory technology
  • Easy application