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Griffin 3.5mm Aux Cable Flat 3ft Black

by Griffin
Sold out
SKU 685387374410

GC17103-2 Overview:You can never have too many audio cables and these cables are designed to be more useful than most: 2-channel stereo cable with 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo connectors on either end slim boots that fit almost anywhere and a flat cross-section that lies flat and resists kinking. You'll use this cable to connect your iPhone iPod MP3 player iPad laptop ? all kinds of devices with headphone jacks or line-out jacks ? to the AUX-in port of your car stereo the mic jack in your home entertainment system and all kinds of audio jacks everywhere.|Features & Specs:- Stereo audio cable Flat cross-section resists tangling kinking Wide range of applications in car home office and studio Available in 3-foot (0.9 m)|