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Logitech G440 Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad Gamers 280mm x 340mm x 3mm

SKU 97855099860

SKU # AB54918 | Model # 943-000052

Logitech G440 Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad - Low surface friction - Stable rubber base - Size: 280x340x3mm - Weight: 229g - 943-000052 - 12 months limited hardware warranty

The Logitech G440 Hard Surface Gaming Mouse Pad (943-000052) helps enhance gaming skills by providing esports enthusiasts with a flat and level low-friction surface for their laser or optical gaming mouse.  Built to withstand the wear and tear of heavy daily gaming use, the Logitech G440 is the ideal partner to Logitech G gaming mice.

Multi-layer construction

With a mere 3mm thickness, the G440 bonds together three layers of premium-grade material: the low-friction polypropylene top layer intended to enable the speediest mouse sweeps and glides, the semi-rigid polystyrene core middle layer, and the sturdy rubber base.  This layered structure not only gives you a stable surface for your mouse but also prolongs the mouse pad's lifespan.

The Logitech G440 Gaming Mouse Pad provides gaming mice with a smooth surface custom-engineered to enable mouse sensors the best tracking for the fastest and the most accurate mouse movement detection and onscreen motion translation.  Its high-quality construction makes it ideal for use by gamers who need a mouse pad they can use in competitive gaming sessions.



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