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3SIXT BLACK Surge Protector Type-C 45W PD + 2A USB-A black

by 3SIXT
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SKU 9318018147145

Vendor Sku: 3S-1745

Description:3SixT powered by PowerGuard 57W Surge Protector USB-C + USB-A is a state of the art Power Protective Device specifically designed for serious professional users of USB-C charging notebook computers and USB-C and USB-A charging devices such as tablets & smartphones.

The 57W Surge Protector USB-C + USB-A uses a combination of MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) and Capacitance Technology and provides continuous filtration for the USB-C and USB-A powered outputs also.

Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from potentially damaging and dangerous high voltage spikes RFI EMI and transient voltage on the AC Mains electrical supply by capturing and diverting electrical disturbances within the scope of the protection that commonly cause breakdown, poor performance data loss and data corruption and long term cumulative damage or total destruction of unprotected connected equipment.

|Features:1 x 45W USB-C with Power Delivery Output 1 x 12W 2.4 AMP USB-A Output Spike/Surge Protection Filtration - High voltage spikes Filtration - Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filtration - Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)|Specifications:1-3 Nanosecond (Billionths of a Second) Reaction Time Maximum Amps Absorption: 19 500 AMPS Maximum Joules Absorption: 570 JOULES|